R.U.S.H = Recognizing and Understanding Substances on the Highways

This criminal interdiction course was developed to challenge both new and experienced officers to look beyond the traffic stop and recognize criminal activity. Officers will conduct hands on vehicle searches where marijuana, pseudo-cocaine and pseudo heroin are utilized. Officers will also be involved in various scenarios including the interviewing of subjects at roadside. K9 handlers are encouraged to attend with their partners. 


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Operation R.U.S.H. to train both patrol and corrections officers in their respective job duties by recognizing criminal activity while educating on current case law, current drug trends, physiology of how drugs effect the human body and concealment methods.  Enhance your observation and commuiactioin skill all while employing tactics that will aid officers in returning home safely after each shift 


Training Topics

  • Recognizing the drug trafficker
  • Road-side interview techniques
  • Deployment of K9's during traffic stop
  • Legal boundaries
  • Vehicle Searches

Because we feel this training is so valuable and we recognize departmental budget constraints Operation R.U.S.H.  offers host agencies several incentive options for participating in this training.