About Joe

Joe Keil is a veteran of law enforcement and  just retired from the patrol division with his K9 partner after working the night shift  for 27 years.

 Operation RUSH: Is a two day course which breaks down traffic stops, into segments, Initial violation, location of stop and stopping sequence, exterior and interior indicators, legal options, roadside interviews, arrest and documentation. There is also hands on vehicle searches where vehicles are set up with indicators and finds. K9 officers are welcome to attend with their partners.


Basic K9: This one day course is for officers who are wishing to become K9 handlers and provides information on choosing a K9, development of a program, equipment needed, K9 usages tracking, building searches, drug work. Aggressive vs. Passive K9s, bite vs. non-bite dogs. Learning K9 behaviors. 


Drug ID for Corrections Officers Part 1: This course is designed for corrections officers, prison guards and medical staff within the facilities and will provide information on current drug trends, clandestine paraphernalia, concealment methods, clothing and symbols of the drug world. Over 100 display items which are set up for officers to decipher what type or types of drugs are being abused. 

Drug ID for Corrections Officers Part 2: This course is designed for anyone in the corrections field and expands on the prerequisite (Drug ID for Corrections Day 1) course and is specifically geared towards recognizing drug use within the human body, overdose signs and symptoms, possible medical conditions which can mimic drug use and tunderstanding the half lives of substances. The course will give a broad overview and break down the human body and how each of the 11 major systems are affected by the use of substances. Whether it is a Huber inmate returning from work, bookings or sentenced inmates drug use is prevalent. The key to officer and inmate safety is recognizing drug use.


A Habit to Die For: This course is for parents, teachers, medical professional and community  members and will provide the following: Society's influence on drug use, current drug trends, designer drugs and what they are, paraphernalia associated with drug use, the signs and symptoms of drug use, understanding addiction and the limitations of rehab. Mock rooms and vehicles available.