Deceptive Behaviors and Statement Analysis

1 day training

This one day training on Behavioral and Statement Analysis will train you to recognize the scientifically proven “LEAKAGE OF TRUTH” and “DECEPTIVE BEHAVIOR".  You will begin to truly understand that it is impossible to lie. You will develop an advantage in both your professional and your personal life.

Human behavior and language is in our DNA. This training will help you tap into the intriguing world of deception.  Using six means of communication, you will be able to identify if someone is being deceptive based upon their subtle body language, micro expressions, and the verbiage they choose. This is fascinating as they are not even aware they are giving clues and leaking the truth. 


Behavioral and Statement Analysis

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Course Outline:

1 Goals of Course

a. History of Behavioral Analysis and Statement    Analysis

b. Citing the sources for the scientific research

c.  For the students to have a better understanding of how it is “impossible to lie”

II Objectives

a.   Develop a standard questioning routine

b.    Familiarize with questions that prompt an emotional response

c.    Recognize baseline behaviors

d.   Recognize at least six “Means of Communication”

e.   Recognize up to 27 Behavioral Clues of deception

f.     Recognize true emotion vs. fake

III Background History

a.  Pre-test video

b.  Define Terms

c.   Site Sources for scientific research

IIII Let the games begin

a.  Several videos of people leaking the truth

b.  Break down each video

c.   Observable signs of deceit, general

d.  Verbal signs of deceit, general

e.  Introduce the seven universal facial expressions

f.    Introduce the six “Means of Communication”

V Interaction Style

a. Explanation of deception

b. Numerous videos showing leakage of truth

VI Voice

a.  Explanation of deception

b.  Numerous videos showing leakage of the truth

VII Content

a.  Explanation of deception

b.  Introduction of SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis) by the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation

c.   Numerous video and written statements showing deception and leakage of the truth

d.  Introduce different types of memory and the Shape of the Story.


a. Explanation of facial expressions and micro-expressions which causes an emotional response.

b.  Numerous videos on the five clues showing leakage of the truth.

IX Body

a.  Explanation of deceptive body language.

b.  Numerous videos on the six clues showing leakage of the truth.

c.   Analysis the Chris Watt video, (Colorado man that killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters.)

X Psychophysiology

a.  Explanation of deceptive body reactions brought on by an emotional stimulus.

b.  Numerous videos on the seven psychophysiology clues.

XI Rules of getting to the truth in your professional and personal lives.

a.  Introduce Golden Questions which can prompt an emotional response and leakage of the truth.

b.  Analysis numerous videos.


a. In-depth overview of Scientific Content Analysis  by Avinoam Sapir

b. Analysis numerous videos and written statements using SCAN

c. The four most important points to remember for SCAN.

XIII Key Scientific Facts

a. Scientifically proven true meaning behind certain words and phrases.

XIII Putting it all together

a. Analysis full Jussie Smollett video

b. Analysis full R. Kelly video

c. Analysis parts of the Jon Benet Ramsey video

d. If time permits, analysis other famous interviews.

About Instructor Bruce Jacobs

Bruce Jacobs is a 30-year retired veteran of the Manitowoc Police Department. His career includes: 18 years as an SRO, 25 years as a DARE Officer, eight years on the State of Wisconsin DARE Officers Association Board and nine years as the Crime Prevention Sergeant. He serves on the Board for both Manitowoc County Crime Stoppers and Healthiest Manitowoc County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. In addition to his career with the Manitowoc Police Department and his work as a Board member, he is the owner of Advantage Driving School LLC.

Bruce has a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice and has specific training and certifications in many fields including: CPTED, Security Surveys, Workplace Violence, Scams, Micro Expressions, Behavioral Analysis and Statement Analysis. Over the past 30 years, he has made presentations on these topics to help educate others to be aware of their surroundings and not to become a victim. These real-life topics will not only help keep you safe but to know what others are thinking as well.

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