Report Writing & Courtroom Preparation and Testimony

 8 Hours


Course Goals:

Proper report writing and courtroom preparation and testimony are vital elements within in the performance of all law enforcement officer duties.  A factual and detailed report is critical to every case as well as the officer’s preparation and testimony to that investigation.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  1. Properly prepare detailed and factual reports that capture all of the information pertinent to any investigation or action taken by the officer.

  2. Properly prepare and testify in any civil or criminal proceeding within the scope of officer’s law enforcement duties.


Course Objectives:

The students will be able to:

  1. Identify the need for detailed and factual reports and why they are required.

  2. Identify the various types of reports utilized in law enforcement.

  3. Identify the “basics” of; who, what, where, when, why, and how of report writing.

  4. Identify the pitfalls and hazards associated with poor report writing.

  5. Identify what makes an excellent report.

  6. Understand that successful courtroom testimony is dependent on a thorough investigation, a detailed and factual report, case review,  preparation, and professional courtroom testimony.

  7. Identify the importance of pretrial meetings and their role in case preparation.

  8. Identify the importance of courtroom credibility and demeanor.  

About Instructor Marty Duncan

Marty  Duncan served over 26 years in state law enforcement where he held the following positions: Chief Counterdrug Law Enforcement Liaison in the Florida Office of Drug Control,  Contraband Interdiction Program Coordinator for the Florida Highway Patrol, Judicial Investigator for the 17th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office in Broward County, Florida, and  the Contraband Interdiction Program Commander and Cargo Theft Coordinator for the Florida Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Compliance Law Enforcement Office where he retired in April 2007 at the rank of Major.  Marty recently served as the Chief of Staff Development and Florida Corrections Academy Director for the Florida Department of Corrections.  Marty also served as a Commissioner for the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

Marty holds a Master of Ministry Degree, Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies, and an Associate degree in Education.  Marty is a graduate of the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Management Fellows Program, and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s Drug Unit Commanders Academy.

Marty is a certified law enforcement instructor and expert in areas of counterdrug enforcement. Marty has delivered courses of instruction to thousands of officers, law enforcement executives, and civic leaders across the United States, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, and South Africa.  Marty is also the author of an interactive training CD entitled “Vehicle Stop Interdictions: Drug Interdiction For Patrol”.

Marty’s accolades include, the nationally distinguished, United States Drug Enforcement Administration, El Paso Intelligence Center, "Operation Pipeline/Convoy Instructor of the Year Award” and the “Director’s Award”.  Marty received two commendations from Florida Governor Jeb Bush for his distinguished service in the Florida Drug Control Strategy. 

Marty is a certified senior level chaplain in the International Conference of Police Chaplains and an Ordained Minister, serving as Senior Pastor of Fellowship of the Hills Church.

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