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I’m Joe Keil.

I'm a certified Drug Interdiction Instructor through the state of Wisconsin and a certified Drug Recognition Expert Instructor through the National Highway Traffic Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. I worked night-shift patrol for 25-plus years and was K9 handler for the last 17 of those years, with the first K9 being a narcotics dog and the second K9 being patrol and narcotics. I have taught law enforcement officers throughout the country, including FBI, DEA, Border and Customs Agents, along with officers from other countries.

The classes I present focus on understanding how the smallest items when combined together can lead to developing reasonable suspicion. We utilize the most current drug indicators and also provide hands-on vehicle searches, along with recognizing drug use in the human body.

This training encompasses the three major learning styles of auditory, visual, and physical. Providing this type of training prepares officers for encounters on the streets, giving them both a tactical advantage and knowledge of the intricacies of the criminal world. Broadening your knowledge regarding the drug world and keeping current on case law will prepare an officer for court proceedings. This training will provide attendees with the tools necessary to ensure their efforts will make their communities a safer place to live. 


My Story

From the time I was little I wanted to be in law enforcement. From my first pet, which was a black and white rabbit named Squad Car, I wanted to be a cop. It was never about the money, as anyone in the career is aware, it's about a calling to give of yourself back to your community. After the many years of education, college finally came, and then getting hired by a law enforcement agency was a dream come true. Everyone in the field begins to develop special interests in specific areas of the job. Some strive to be promoted, others work to become detectives or evidence technicians. Me, I liked the idea of being a K9 handler to chase the bad guys with just you and a four-legged partner. To be the first guy in the door, to be the first to utilize handcuffs on arrest. The 5%'er mentality, and if you are on the "job" you know exactly what I mean. Eat, lift weights, breathe, work, take someone to jail, and then repeat.

I made my first criminal interdiction stop and located one-quarter pound of marijuana. I was immediately hooked. Why? It is the most dangerous game in law enforcement. It is you stopping the unknown. Some of the most dangerous individuals in the world have been located during traffic stops. The true adrenaline junkie's high. After 10 years into the "job" a young officer asked me "Can you teach me what you know?" That's when it started. I began not only training officers in my agency, I saw a need for officers everywhere to gain the knowledge to truly make a difference in their community.

I'm not a big book reader but a day came when God put it on my heart to write a book. After completing it, I remember saying I would never do that again. Then the nudge came again and the next thing I knew I was writing a second book. The second book was for law enforcement only and is replete with all the knowledge I've obtained over the years.

It wasn't long after and I retired and agencies around the country began to want to schedule classes. Truly a blessing and a path I never imagined.

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Have Joe as a Speaker

Joe Keil has spoken at numerous national conferences on drug trends, overlooking drug evidence at crime scenes, and physiology of drug use in relation to the human body.

Available as Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker, Presenter 

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  • Louisiana Homicide Conference

  • Midwest International Association Forensics Investigators Conference

  • Southwest International Association Forensics Investigators Conference

  • Wisconsin Law Enforcement K9 Handler Association Conference

  • Prescription RX Summit, Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Wisconsin Jail Association, Wausau, Wisconsin

  • High in Plain Sight, North Dakota Tribal Conference

  • Wisconsin Jail Officers Association, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

  • Louisiana Narcotics Officers Association, New Orleans

  • Northwest Alcohol Conference, Boise, Idaho

  • School Resource Officer Conference, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • North Dakota Alcohol Drug Symposium

  • Wisconsin Govenor's Conference, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • Northwest Alcohol Conference, Boise, Idaho

  • Northwest Alcohol Conference, Park City, Utah

  • Alcohol Symposium, Anchorage, Alaska

  • Alcohol Symposium, Anchorage, Alaska

  • Wisconsin Narcotics Officers Association, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

  • National DRE Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Wisconsin Division of Narcotics Officers, Mishicot, Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin DARE Officers Convention

  • Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Traffic Safety, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • National Sheriff's Conference, Columbus, Ohio

  • Course Administrator Drug Recognition Expert School, Wisconsin

  • International Police Association, Green Bay, Wisconsin


  • Route 961 podcast, Current Drug Trends

  • Operation R.U.S.H. A Guide to Criminal Patrol

  • Tier Talk Podcast

  • K9 Cop Magazine, Physiology of Drug Use in the Human Body in Relation to K9 Deployment

  • Kids and Drug Use: Channel 6 News, Michigan

  • A Healthy View, Bellin Health Television

  • Police K9 Magazine, Drug Use in the Human Body and its Relation to K9s

  • When Just Say No Doesn't Work

  • Wisconsin Law Enforcement K9 Association Newsletter, Understanding the Limitation of K9s on Drug Searches

  • Green Bay Press Gazette, Teens and Drug Use

  • Herald Times Reporter, Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals

  • Milwaukee Journal, Effects of Drugs and Driving

  • Wisconsin Law Enforcement K9 Association Newsletter, Drug Interdiction Tips

  • Drug Identification Bible, Edition 5




  • Distinguished Service Award State of Wisconsin, 1990

  • Meritorious K9 Narcotics Find, 2000

  • K9 Handler of the Year, 2004

  • Meritorious K9 Track, 2006

  • Meritorious K9 Track with Apprehension, 2007

  • Meritorious K9 Track, 2009

  • K9 Handler of the Year, 2013


  • Hemp Fest, Seattle, Washington

  • ICP Concert, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Skid Row, Los Angeles, California

  • Wiz Khalifa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin