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Course Descriptions


Operation R.U.S.H.


For both new and experienced officers

A two-day criminal interdiction course designed to educate and challenge both new and experienced officers in recognizing criminal behaviors during traffic stops.

Criminals are most vulnerable while en route from point A to point B, however, they are their most dangerous. This course will also provide hands-on vehicle searches and tactics to use during vehicle approaches. We utilize the most up-to-date indicators and provide an explanation for each item and how they all relate to each other. K9 handlers and their partners are encouraged to attend. Stop letting the bad guys go by putting the pieces of the puzzle together during your traffic stops. Whether you are building reasonable suspicion, getting consent, calling for a K9 or have probable cause. Be prepared to take your case to court by knowing all the ins-and-outs of the drug world. Criminals need three hots and a cot. Provide this valuable service for them.

Drug ID

For corrections officers

A two-day course designed for corrections officers, supervisors, medical staff, probation and parole agents, and prison guards.

Isn't it time to understand the revolving cycle of why inmates re-offend? Why inmates request certain medications while in the facility? Have you ever booked someone into your facility and noted clandestine clothing? Have you seen behaviors and wondered what type or types of drugs an inmate was on? Did you ever wonder why some inmates' bizarre behaviors lasted only a short time while others' continued for hours or days? How good is your drug test? How long will a drug remain in an inmate's system? Attendees will gain insight into all of this and more, including basic human physiology and how drugs effect each of the major systems. This training will assist officers in differentiating between drug use and medical conditions in inmates. Stop putting officers and inmates at risk. Knowledge is the most powerful tool you can arm yourself with.

A Habit to Die For

For the community

A community event where the presentation is geared towards parents, teachers, medical professionals, EMTs. or anyone concerned with drug use and the problems it creates within the community.

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Families, relationships, and an individual's health and well-being are being destroyed because of the lack of knowledge of recognizing the early signs of drug use. Or people bury their heads in the sand and refuse to admit it could happen to their loved one. It is time to gain knowledge about addiction and the signs and symptoms of drug use. Preventing drug use is the key to stopping drug use.

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Have Joe as a Speaker

Joe Keil has spoken at numerous national conferences on drug trends, overlooking drug evidence at crime scenes, and physiology of drug use in relation to the human body.

Available as Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker, Presenter 

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