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Operation R.U.S.H.

For both new and experienced officers

Instructor Joe Keil

A two-day criminal interdiction course designed to educate and challenge both new and experienced officers in recognizing criminal behaviors during traffic stops.

Criminals are most vulnerable while en route from point A to point B, however, they are their most dangerous. This course will also provide hands-on vehicle searches and tactics to use during vehicle approaches. We utilize the most up-to-date indicators and provide an explanation for each item and how they all relate to each other. K9 handlers and their partners are encouraged to attend. Stop letting the bad guys go by putting the pieces of the puzzle together during your traffic stops. Whether you are building reasonable suspicion, getting consent, calling for a K9 or have probable cause. Be prepared to take your case to court by knowing all the ins-and-outs of the drug world. Criminals need three hots and a cot. Provide this valuable service for them.

Drug ID & Contraband Detection

For corrections officers

Instructor Joe Keil

A two-day course designed for corrections officers, supervisors, medical staff, probation and parole agents, and prison guards.

Isn't it time to understand the revolving cycle of why inmates re-offend? Why inmates request certain medications while in the facility? Have you ever booked someone into your facility and noted clandestine clothing? Have you seen behaviors and wondered what type or types of drugs an inmate was on? Did you ever wonder why some inmates' bizarre behaviors lasted only a short time while others' continued for hours or days? How good is your drug test? How long will a drug remain in an inmate's system? Attendees will gain insight into all of this and more, including basic human physiology and how drugs effect each of the major systems. This training will assist officers in differentiating between drug use and medical conditions in inmates. Stop putting officers and inmates at risk. Knowledge is the most powerful tool you can arm yourself with.

A Habit to Die For

For the community

Instructor Joe Keil

A community event where the presentation is geared towards parents, teachers, medical professionals, EMTs. or anyone concerned with drug use and the problems it creates within the community.

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Families, relationships, and an individual's health and well-being are being destroyed because of the lack of knowledge of recognizing the early signs of drug use. Or people bury their heads in the sand and refuse to admit it could happen to their loved one. It is time to gain knowledge about addiction and the signs and symptoms of drug use. Preventing drug use is the key to stopping drug use.

Recognizing Drug Use in The Work Place

For Corporate and Small Business

Instructor Joe Keil

Drug use is non-discriminatory and anyone can be affected by its use. The costs to business in workplace productivity, employee injuries and workers comp claims are estimated to be in the billions each year. Many employers believe that drug testing is an infallible method to eliminating substance abuse in the workplace and protect them from civil liabilities; however, this is not the case as many substances are undetectable.

The key for employers is to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with substance abuse in their employees and to identify the paraphernalia associated with drug use. This seminar is designed to give a basic understanding of the impaired employee and the knowledge to recognize it in the workplace. There are over 250,000 drugs being abused and drug testing cannot test for all of them. Are your company managers trained to recognize reasonable suspicion?

Report Writing & Courtroom Preparation and Testimony

 8 Hours

Instructor Marty Duncan

Proper report writing and courtroom preparation and testimony are vital elements within in the performance of all law enforcement officer duties.  A factual and detailed report is critical to every case as well as the officer’s preparation and testimony to that investigation.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  1. Properly prepare detailed and factual reports that capture all of the information pertinent to any investigation or action taken by the officer.

  2. Properly prepare and testify in any civil or criminal proceeding within the scope of officer’s law enforcement duties. 

Deceptive Behaviors and Statement Analysis

1 day training

Instructor Bruce Jacobs

This one day training on Behavioral and Statement Analysis will train you to recognize the scientifically proven “LEAKAGE OF TRUTH” and “DECEPTIVE BEHAVIOR".  You will begin to truly understand that it is impossible to lie. You will develop an advantage in both your professional and your personal life.

Human behavior and language is in our DNA. This training will help you tap into the intriguing world of deception.  Using six means of communication, you will be able to identify if someone is being deceptive based upon their subtle body language, micro expressions, and the verbiage they choose. This is fascinating as they are not even aware they are giving clues and leaking the truth. 

Roadside Interviews & Opening up the Information Pipeline: (4hrs)

Instructor Chris Martin

This course focuses on how to conduct roadside interviews, developing rapport, interpreting body language, developing sources of information, and conducting a criminal debriefing.  The focus is to teach attendees how to look beyond the stop, ticket, and/or call for service to detect indicators of criminal activity and to develop strategies for continuing the investigation when appropriate. 

Criminal Interdiction Techniques Beyond the Traffic Stop: (4hrs)

Instructor Chris Martin

This course focuses on interdiction techniques outside of the realm of motor vehicle stops to include: consensual encounters, knock and talk investigations, trash pulls, and hotel/motel interdiction.  The focus is to teach attendees investigation options that can be utilized from patrol that will have an impact on criminal activity.


1 Day Training

Instructor Tony Kail

Investigation into the ‘narco culture’ has revealed a number of criminal organizations utilizing magical rituals and ceremonies for protection from rival organizations and police. Religious practices from Africa and Latin America are being used to seek supernatural protection and guidance. Traditional rituals from religions such as Santeria, Palo Mayombe and Voodoo are being misappropriated by these criminal elements.

A similar pattern is developing among international human smuggling and trafficking rings. Federal authorities have discovered indigenous practices of Nigerian Juju, West African Voodoo and Latin Folk Magic being used to maintain control of organizations and keep victims of trafficking in silence.

Lastly, a number of drug smugglers and street-level drug dealers are using a number of Latin ‘folk saints’ such as Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde to gain protection for criminal activities. Icons and amulets are being carried by members of these groups for magical protection from authorities.

The focus of this workshop is to provide law enforcement with an in-depth knowledge of Afro-Caribbean religions such as Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Haitian and Dominican Voodoo, and similar religious cultures. The practice of Mexican Curanderismo and Brujeria will be a focus in relation to the use of folk saints and folk practices. This workshop will prepare the officer to recognize and explain the symbols and artifacts found in the course of criminal investigations associated with Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and Voodoo. Officers will be trained to investigate and recognize Afro-Caribbean based rituals and ceremonies and their misappropriation by criminals involved with narcotics sales, gang violence, and various criminal activities.




This fusion of presentation and instruction, jam-packed with multimedia, visual aids, and real-world examples, will go in-depth to cover the three core considerations when checking the validity of an identity document; is the person 21 years of age, does the photo on the ID match the presenter, is the document genuine? Participants will learn methods to determine an individual's age, such as age calculation and use of suggested dialogues; acquire techniques to analyze physical feature characteristics and gain confidence when comparing characteristics between a person and a photograph; become familiar with behaviors exhibited by persons suspected of using fraudulent identification, and methods to determine the veracity of their identity; discover the various security features being incorporated into IDs/driver's licenses, as well as the features that are currently being counterfeited; become proficient in their ability to quickly identify security features of commonly counterfeited U.S. driver's licenses by way of practical, hands-on examination of counterfeit IDs; learn to incorporate use of the various tools and methods of checking identification and explore new, game-changing technology for ID verification.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction

1 Day Training

Instructor Bob Lanese

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Smuggling class will provide law enforcement officers with the crucial knowledge to make informed, effective, and coordinated commercial motor vehicle stops for the purpose of detecting hidden compartments used to transport illegal narcotics and contraband. Officers will learn the role that commercial vehicles play in smuggling throughout the country, as well as the techniques to find hidden compartments and co-mingled contraband during these stops. This is an 8 hour class.


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